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Fall TV Lineup

Phew! My PVR has been getting a serious workout with all the new shows on this Fall. I’ve been testing them out, trying on what fits and tossing what doesn’t. Here’s a quick take on three of the newest.

Pan Am
With the retro costumes, Cold War story lines and dreamy days of elegant travel, Pan Am is a somewhat satisfying addition to the CTV lineup. But it doesn’t even come close to touching the magical retro stylings of Mad Men (as if anything ever could).

New Girl
John Doyle recently wrote in the Globe and Mail, “It is extremely hard to find someone who has a negative take on New Girl or has a low opinion of its star, Zooey Deschanel.” Well this is going to come as a shock then, but I think the show is about as entertaining as a picnic basket full of fire ants. What happened to the hilarious Zooey Deschanel circa crazy roommate in Failure to Launch? In New Girl, her quirkiness comes across as forced and her supporting cast is dry as sawdust. Even her saucer-like blue eyes can’t win me over this time. They also did a quick change with one of the characters after only one episode. Poor Daman Wayans Jr. - first you see him (above), now you don’t.

The commercials for this new series have been pretty hysterical, setting Suburgatory up to have the same deadpan humour stylings as some of my favourite shows like Modern Family and Community. Watching the first episode, the show hasn’t quite reached that level of subtle hilarity, but it did give me a few good laughs and a mention of the word “vagina” on more than one occasion. Ha! Chery Hines is actually pretty funny as an overtanned, overpoufed suburban mom, and main character Tessa (played by Jane Levy) reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in a way that’s totally endearing and brings me back to Reese circa Election days. Will definitely give this one another go.
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