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Looking Cool on Instagram

In today’s social networking world, where people are constantly trying to showboat their fabulous lives (or reasonable facsimiles) via site like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it was inevitable that someone would offer up a way to fake those enviable scenes. Enter Instasham (A+ for wit Instasham folk), a site that gives you the raw material (read: photos) required to fake your fabulous life.

Select a category from nine options including Whips n’ Shit, Globe Trotter, and My Clique. Then browse a selection of stock photos available for download, that will make all your luxury/jetsetting/partying dreams come true – at least in the world of Instagram.



As if I needed another reason to covet Instagram, the retro pics can now be combined with a little sugar and spice to make beautiful edible snapshot cookies, appropriately named “Insta-grahams.” The idea came from Baking For Good, an NYC-based online bakery that donates 15% of proceeds to charity, making their treats sweet for the recipient, and sweet for the world too. Since I’m not yet hooked up on Instagram (the countdown is on and the iPhone 5 can’t come quickly enough!), I think I’ll make do with BFG’s s’more blondies and gingersnaps. But come this Fall, when I join the Insta-community, these cookie treats may become my new fave.

Instant Instagram Prints

On the list of reasons I can’t wait to get an iPhone, the #1 spot goes to “Finally getting access to Hipstamatic and Instagram”.  I realize that, by the time I finally join the iPhone army, those apps may be old news (if they’re not already), but I am so psyched to start snapping the signature retro pics that I don’t even care if I catch the tail end of the trend.

What would be even more brilliant is if New York-based Breakfast has gone into production with their Instaprint device, by the time I jump on this bandwagon. Instantly printable Instagram pics? Sign me up!

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