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♥ Show Some Love! ♥

It’s Valentine’s Day week and despite being single, I’m still psyched. To me, Valentine’s Day has always been about celebrating love in general, more than love with a specific romantic partner. Sure, when I’ve been coupled up I’ve made an extra special effort to celebrate my partner, but Valentine’s Day is also about showing love for my family, friends and all the fabulous people in my life. Exhibit 1 - here is a picture of my 2012 Valentine…

So this week I’m embracing the spirit of St. Valentine wholeheartedly with a trio of love-themed posts, starting with today’s three pics to get you feeling the love. 

Image sources here, here and here (clockwise from left).

Picture Perfect

It’s the new J.Crew math…
1 authentic J.Crew shirt 
+ 1 vintage plaid find 
+ 1 statement necklace
1 reasonable catalogue facsimile

Yes, I realize I am a J.Crew nerd.

Checkered shirt – J.Crew
Plaid shirt – Ralph Lauren vintage
Necklace – Forever 21

Two Worlds Collide

I saw this post on… two Rule of Three posts converging - J.Crew AND Minx nails in one? Too good to be true!

The Romantics + J.Crew = Love

J.Crew (my favourite brand right now, thanks to the ridiculously brilliant styling touches of Creative Director Jenna Lyons) never ceases to amaze me with their clever collaborations. Go to their website and under the j.crew in good company link you’ll find almost thirty brands that have teamed up with the preppy clothing company – everyone from Cosabella, with their lacy undies, to Essie nail polish, with the perfect shades to match the season’s ensembles.

For their latest partnership, they’ve taken it a step further, venturing beyond the world of fashion to create an entertainment-fashion marketing powerhouse partnership (wow, that was a mouthful) with the cast of The Romantics  (a new movie starring Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel, among others, that follows seven friends through one night at a crazy seaside wedding). Online tie-ins include a photoshoot with the cast decked out in J.Crew’s incredible fall lineup, a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, meet-the-cast tidbits like Adam Brody’s most romantic song, a link to the movie trailer, a synopsis of the film and even a listing of select theatres showing the film in New York and Los Angeles.

They’ve partnered with other brands. They’ve dabbled in movies. What’s left? Well, if anyone from J.Crew is reading, can I put in a personal request that the next collaboration have something to do with food? That would be the crowning touch on this trifecta for me.

My three favourite shots can be seen below, but to check out the entire campaign click here.


(all images from J.Crew)