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A Royal Style Review

Kate and Will’s Canadian visit officially comes to an end today, after one last hurrah (or “yeehaw” as the case may be) at the Calgary Stampede on Thursday. Can I just take a moment to say that I am totally, utterly smitten with the new Duchess of Cambridge. How can anyone not fall instantly in love with this face?

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She looks like she could be one of my girlfriends, (totally normal, yet ridiculously awesome and beautiful) who’s just heard a dirty joke whispered in her ear. She is the coolest princess EVER!! (sidenote: I’ve still got love for Princess Grace, but she wins the category of “Most Graceful” or maybe “Most Beautiful” – less “cool”. But I digress.)

Before the Duchess of Awesomeness takes off for LaLa Land, let’s do a quick review of my three favourite ensembles of the trip. First, the smashing red and white ode to Canada and our beloved maple leaf on our nation’s birthday. She looks like a high fashion version of the Canadian flag, if the flag were walking the runways of Paris.  What kills me about this outfit is that it’s not something I ever would (or would want to) wear, but she still manages to look fresh, young and fabulous. Talk about a sartorial gift!

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Next, the killer one-button blazer with cutout from Smythe Les Vestes that Kate wore, not once, but twice during the 9-day trip. I also love how her and Will are dressed kind of alike here – navy blazer, brown belt, button down shirt and jeans. Taking bets now that they’ll end up in one of those US Weekly spreads about celebrity couples who dress alike, and will give Brangelina a run for their money in their traditional (yawn) uniform of tattoos, scruff and black. 

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And last, but not least, the exquisite Erdem dress that wowed the world when the Royal couple stepped off the plane at the start of their Canadian tour. Despite all the magazine articles I’ve read over the years with titles like, How to Travel in Superstar Style, or Stay Fresh-Faced on Flights, I have never (I repeat NEVER) emerged from an aircraft looking like this. I guess it’s because I can’t get through customs with my hair stylist and wardrobe consultant tucked into my carry-on. Yes, that must be it. Damn airline regulations!  

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The Duke and Duchess are now off to L.A. for two days, where Kate will no doubt continue to dazzle with her poise and flawless fashion hits. A-list actresses, be warned, you’ll have to share the spotlight for a few days. Nothing outshines this Princess.