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There’s a new kid in town.


This is it. The last official Rule of Three post. It feels like a surprise, I know. But don’t fret, because this isn’t goodbye. In fact, it’s an exciting new chapter, because today marks the official launch of my new and improved blog, You’re going to love it even more than Ro3, and if you don’t, then there’s a 100% money back guarantee (100% of free that is ;)

Whether you just started reading Rule of Three, or have been following since I started in 2010, thank you. Thank you for your comments and your suggestions. Thank you for reading my random thoughts and musings. Thank you for inspiring me along the way. 

I’ve learned a lot over the last 3 years and I thought it might be apropos to end Rule of Three with 3 lasting lessons, so here it goes.

  1. Find a space where you can do what makes you happy.
    I started Rule of Three because I wanted a place to write about things that interested me, things that made me happy or curious or inspired. Some of us are lucky enough to have that in our work lives. Some of us need to cultivate it on our own. Wherever it is, find a place where you can do the things that bring you joy. A meditation corner of your home. A favourite latte stop on your way to work. A blog where you can explore your thoughts. Everyone needs their happy place.
  2. Find your own voice. 
    It’s okay to find inspiration from other sources. It’s okay to admire, or identify with, someone’s particular style, their way with words, or their point of view. But when all is said and done, you have to find your own voice, your own unique perspective to share with the world. Because there’s no one out there quite like you, and your words and thoughts will resonate most when you’re being authentic. Find your own voice and stay true to it.  (Incidentally, I think this one is a life project - I’m still working on it.)
  3. Life is full of surprises.
    There have been times when I thought a post was going to cannonball into the digital universe with a tsunami-like force, and it only made a small splash. There have been other times when I wrote a post that I thought was a little bit of a reach, and people really loved it. Life is full of surprises. Not everything goes as planned, in fact, I find that most things don’t. Be ready to roll with the punches and revel in the journey. Life is a crazy ride.

So that’s it. Three years of learning in one final post.

I promise that Curious Citizen is going to make you just as happy, if not happier than Rule of Three has. I can’t make you follow the new site, but I would be oh so thrilled if you’d click on through and give me a follow. It would really make my day and would also give you a direct stream to all the exciting new content that will be posted there. It will be a lot of what you’ve come to know and love from Rule of Three - life, style, travel, food, design - but in a more focused manner. Plus, everyone needs a facelift once in a while, but this one is way easier because there’s no anaesthesia involved, or needles or scalpels, all good things. Where was I? Oh yes…

Once again, thank you for reading Rule of Three. I hope to see you on Curious Citizen where I promise to keep writing if you’re happy to keep reading. 


Tumblr Troubles

Apologies for the confusion! You may have noticed Rule of Three is looking a little different today. That’s because Tumblr is keeping me on my toes and throwing a few obstacles in my way. Pay no mind, I’ll keep posting and wrestling with Tumblr, and we’ll just chalk it up to the Mercury retrograde, okay? :)

Introducing Street Manifesto

Street style. It began with Bill Cunningham and his much loved On the Street column in the New York Times. Then came Scott Schuman, and a cult following on The Sartorialist. These days, there’s no shortage of street style bloggers and photographers, looking to capture candid moments of fashion on city streets in almost every major city on the planet. But it takes a special eye to deliver these photos in a way that makes us stop, take notice, and say, “Damn, that style is fierce.”

That unique perspective is definitely present in Street Manifesto, the new street style Tumblr blog from Toronto-based photographer (and hubby to my friend Amber), Mauricio Calero. Here is a selection of some of my favourite shots. If you’re a street style junkie, it’s definitely a site worth bookmarking.  







All images from Street Manifesto.

New Posts on Beyoncé’s Tumblr

Something about Beyoncé’s Tumblr pics make me feel like I’m just flipping through a friend’s latest album on Facebook. Adorable! Mind you, most of my friends don’t rock chinchilla, while riding their beat up bike on a deserted road in the middle of the night, with a camera following them. But let’s just chalk that up to artistic license and better storylines.

[Images from]

Tumblr welcomes Beyoncé!

Beyoncé started a Tumblr! It appears to be a collection of photographs from her life and her tours. Some super candid. Some super luxe (is that gold leaf on her cherries??). And some showing off that gigantic diamond ring. Super beautiful all around. Explore more here and check out these three faves…


[Image source.]

This Tumblr Blog Strikes the Right Note

Part of my job is scouring the internet for the creative inspiration - things that will spark a concept or an idea for a new project, a new post or just a new way of thinking about an old problem. (Did I mention I my job?) These days there is no shortage of places to look. Using Pinterest, Twitter links, Facebook posts, news feeds, or any number of blogs, you can find hidden gems almost anywhere, but it’s a bonus when you come across a site that aggregates the overwhelming amount of internet “stuff”, as is the case with A Note on Design.

This blog from DISC Interiors (which appears to be an LA-based interior design company), posts a seemingly endless feed of beautiful images – mostly of places I want to live, but also of the occasional fabulous fashion item or inspiring quote. I could explore it for hours, but I have serious “work” to get to ;) 

[Images via A Note on Design.]

A recent Culture Club post gave a shout out to East Village favourite Peels and their chicken sandwich. I can’t vouch for the sammy, but we hit Peels for brunch on my last trip to NYC and it definitely makes my list of faves in the big apple. Mmmm, this picture is making me hungry and a little bit angry that I’m not in NYC. Yup, it’s a “hangry” afternoon.

A recent Culture Club post gave a shout out to East Village favourite Peels and their chicken sandwich. I can’t vouch for the sammy, but we hit Peels for brunch on my last trip to NYC and it definitely makes my list of faves in the big apple. Mmmm, this picture is making me hungry and a little bit angry that I’m not in NYC. Yup, it’s a “hangry” afternoon.

Culture Club

Culture Club, from Club Monaco, is another Tumblr page that I scour on an almost-daily basis for interest and inspiration. Images are posted regularly, and organized by month, with bite-size write-ups. Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently. Check it out for yourself, it may become your new morning ritual too.