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Add Some Colour to Winter on The Kit

If you’ve been wondering whether or not I’ve been writing for The Kit recently, the answer is yes :)

I posted a piece last month on the return of HBO’s Girls, and most recently, wrote this piece on shaking the February blahs with some winter brights (perfect if all you can see outside your window is today’s snowmageddon). If you’re feeling a little blah yourself, check it out and start seeing the bright side of this chilly season.  


Bundle Up This Winter

A couple of weeks ago my friends at lululemon surprised and delighted me in a most unexpected way. I got a message saying they’d left something for me at the store, and to swing by to pick it up. When I got there I found a bag with a tattoo-covered yogi and my name attached. I LOVE SURPRISES!

Inside I found my new winter running staple, the Run: Bundle Up Jacket. Hello friend. 

This warm layer arrived in perfect time, just as our night runs have lost the heat of the sun and the weather is turning cold as balls. I know some people like to warm up gradually on their runs, but I’m not one of them. I like to be toasty from the second I step outside, so while some might find the Run: Bundle Up useful for only the very coldest months, I’ve already started wearing it and it’s keeping me snug as a bug in a fleece and down rug. The removable hood is handy for additional functionality, and the water-resistant paneling is great during the November rain. 

A huge thank you to the lulu beauties who just made my winter runs a whole lot cozier. Now I have no excuses to cut out of the cold.

My friend Heather over at RunSoulCycle also reviewed the Run: Bundle Up Jacket recently. You can see what she thought by checking out her post here.

Stay Warm and Stylish This Winter

A few weeks ago I was getting a quickie beauty boost with a friend at our local mani-pedi place when a Toronto TV personality walked in from the snowy street scene.  She was bundled from head to toe in shades of black, looking very urban chic, but what attracted our attention wasn’t her leather leggings or her flawless skin. What caught our eye was that she was wearing not one, not two, but THREE scarves.

My first thought was, “Overkill!. Girl, you are NOT Charlie Sheen and those scarves are NOT cheap hookers, so take it easy.” But the more I thought about it, the more this accessory trifecta started to grow on me.

When you live in a cold climate, sometimes style and warmth seem like two mutually exclusive states of being. You’re either shivering in your open-toe booties, or toasty warm in your clunky winter boots. Frigid in your oh-so-cute capelet, or cozy in your androgynous parka. Layering has always been a good alternative to this dilemma – a turtleneck helps a dress transition from summer to winter, a great blazer adds warmth and interest in the fall – I had just never applied this theory to winter accessories.  Until now.

Inspired by the chance encounter with the trendsetting TV host, I decided to adopt the layer, layer, layer philosophy with my winter wardrobe. The perfect opportunity arose earlier this week, when the temperature dropped down to -15 degrees. I piled on the scarves, layered up my gloves, put on a base layer and stayed warm and fashionable, from the street to the office.

It’s so easy, anyone can get this look. Just put on your favourite winter attire and then add another scarf, pair of gloves, shirt - whatever you feel like. Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun. And to the street chic Toronto celeb, I’m sorry I doubted you. Layer up and continue being fabulous! 

Leopard scarf, black waffle scarf, black slip, python print blouse, Aritzia.
Black fingerless cable knit gloves, Gap.
Grey cashmere gloves, Portolano.